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Our experience shows that quality visuals and good designs have evolved to become the buying decision factors for customers, and these help to improve sales and profit for our client businesses.


About Geoflex Media

Geoflex Media is a team of innovative and modern design experts whose services and inspiring works have continued to assist her client businesses  scale their audience reach and increase revenues tremendously.  Current and evolving trends in design and changes in customer taste including speed of service delivery inform our unique response to customer needs as well as our drive for customer satisfaction. Our goal as a business is ensuring we offer customer-centric services for win-win  and sustainable business relationship with our clients.

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We distinguish our services, design ideas and goals based on  the niche specific areas of each customer business and the target audience, one goal at a time. We are essentially guided by our continuous  research of new innovations defining demographic and psychographic engagements with contents across various niches and industry verticals.

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Motion Design

Our motion design team offers you and your business visually captivating animations of graphics, images, logos and videos, including polaroid, montage, typography, kinetics, (2D and 3D) video presentations laced with stories and effects that amplify and bring to life the agreed scripts, which ultimately help to promote and sell products and services for clients.

Video Editing

Compelling raw video and post production editing of long and short videos, and repurposing long videos to shorts, video editing for youtube long and short videos, facebook, instagram, tiktok videos, marketing, sales and promotions, video ads, banner ads and Gifs. All these skills are available within our video editing team whose huge hunger for customer satisfaction is unequalled.


Graphic Design

Due to changing times, stories are convincingly told at the speed of light through designs, arts and illustrations. we take design ideation and the real creation very seriously. Hence we are constantly in tune with modern design innovations and realities. Our services under this category range from Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Invitation Cards, Book Covers, Banners, E-books, Reports, Logos, etc.

Web Design

This service offers custom and professional web design for a cross device responsiveness, with excellent user friendly interface (UI) for quality interactions and user experience (UX). Our team is very experienced in WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Python, and other programming languages, and have frequently involved in a number of projects for designs of simple and complex websites.

Based on Our Customers Demand, We are Also Increasingly Expanding the Knowledge Base of Our Team in the Areas of:
Content Writing and Digital Marketing for
a Fully Integrated Marketing Campaign

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Graphic Design

Flyers | Brochures | Business Cards | Book Covers | Banners | Reports | Logos

Customers Reviews

I am quite satisfied with your team's approach to customer service. Will continuously use your services.

Loveworld Inc

I indeed got all my services as requested in line with my instructions and on time too. I will definitely refer friends.

Media Practitioner

You guys really brought life to my web design requests, at a very affordable cost. I am grateful to your team.

Event Organiser

I really like your video editing service. We will connect always on bigger and bigger projects.